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One of the most important realizations that companies get to is that security is not about technology. We at Security & Innovation have been practicing risk management that understands the business, financial and information aspects. We offer a turnkey consulting service that works from the ground up in identifying the critical assets that need to be protected, work through the existing security mechanisms that are in place to protect them, create an updated and realistic threat and risk assessment, and create a risk management strategy that addresses both short-term as well as long-term needs.

From physical security, through in-depth penetration testing, and from social engineering to custom exploits, Security & Innovation enables organizations to put themselves through the paces of worst-case scenarios – both internally and externally. Mapping a clear path to which risks need to be addressed at what priority.

We provide full red-team testing for your organization, which takes into account the organization’s operating considerations, 3rd party engagements, internal policies, technologies used and deployed, as well as a thorough risk and threat mapping.

During the risk assessment process, we utilize the latest methodologies designed to provide you with the most out of the process (based on the FAIR methodology), thus not wasting any resources on less-relevant issues, and focusing on generating better ROI across the organization.